I've recently started up a webhosting related website and I'm looking for other related sites to exchange links with. You will get a permanent space at the header of my website, which is visible as all times. It will not be on a rotation.

You can view my site at Http://GetWebhosted.org/

My site has only been up for a week and is not yet generating a whole lot of traffic (just 100 unique so far), but I'm working hard on getting the name out there. I do not expect sites I exchange with to be generating huge amounts of traffic either.

I have 5 open slots for preferably 80ishx30 banners, and my banner is of similar size so if you're not looking to put a huge banner on your website contact me either by PM or at my site. Also if you do want a larger space we'll discuss (I have room on the footer, but I prefer just a few small links on the header).