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    help with ip numbers

    OK, i am confused about this.

    I have one ethernet card which is connected to an internet source.

    I have webmin installed and am using that to setup apache.

    When i goto servers in webmin, then click apache, at the bottom are the servers running, eg, default server, virtual server, etc.

    well, i have given the server a hostname of

    i have then setup a virtual server, and set it up so that is listens on any address, using post 80, and i have set the server name to srv1

    What i am wondering is, do you set the address to any, or do you give it your external ip, or setup an internal ip on your ethernet card, and then give it an internal ip?

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    As far as i know, it takes the IP assigned to your internet connection and the last digit changes for different devices. I have a home network setup and each computer has a unique IP address as the last number goes up for each computer running on the network. It auto assigns in my case. But i am not sure with your case. Ask someone in PCWorld (although you will be lucky to get a technical answer from them )
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    A book on Linux isn't what you need, and besides, no need to spend a dime - just search the net.

    At this time you'd be well off looking through: -or-

    Hint: For name based virtual hosting you need only the single IP address.

    Rather than using Webmin, you would probably be farther along if you just opened up httpd.conf and read the comments at the end of the file (Virtual Host section) - its all quite self explanatory.
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