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    Question Ebay store question???

    will the items that i list in my ebay store show up when people search for them on ebay?? - Web, Tech, Startups and More! - Design, Development, SEO, Analytics and more!

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    Yes, I believe that they will. I did a quick search on Google to double check and all those sources seem to say Yes as well.

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    In general yes, but if you list your items as a store 'inventory item' then it wont come up in a standard ebay search.

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    Not 100% sure of this but pretty confident that is based on the number
    of active listings for the product.

    If there are a lot of listings for the same thing, at the bottom of the page it says and xx more in ebay stores.

    If there are a small number of active auctions it lists the store items at the bottom of the page like a regular listing.

    If there are no active items then only the store items are displayed.

    Somewhere in the store faq the actual numbers are provided to confirm what I wrote above. I recall reading it all at one time.

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