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    Looking for Linux Administrator - Urgent

    I'm currently looking for a Linux Administrator for our team. Requirements:

    -Must be in the US (if not, you must be *really* good)
    -Must have strong bash skills (a plus)
    -Must be an individual
    -Must be available via some instant messenger (AIM preferred), cell/home phone when needed.
    -Must be familiar with both RPM and Debian based platforms
    -Must have referrals, resume is a plus... ability to prove some type of credibility is good.

    I don't have a lot of work to shoot someone's way, just a little bit. I'm looking for a long term relationship. Please contact me by any means necessary (not all at once, please). If you do not meet the above requirements, please do not contact me. I'd basically contact you if I had issues here and there, nothing full time.

    Thank you.
    Matthew G.

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    Drop me an email at rea11ity [at], pls.

    I'll send you my CV.


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    I'm just the guy your looking for. Drop me an email, xoclutch /at/ or Aim: XoCluTch

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