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    Question Invoices for tax purposes?


    I was wondering how you people handle your tax issues. We have a box with RS and would like to have their charges applied towards our companies expenses in the tax form. Do you request an invoice from them every month? Or do you just print something from the RS member area? Can you tell me which pages you print?


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    print out all pages where you can see the charged price and service description. Credit card monthly bills will provide you an additional security....

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    The problem is our company name doesnt appear anywhere on those pages, only my name does.

    Also I have my debit card on file with them, which means no cc bills.

    Any other ideas?

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    Originally posted by WebHozt
    Also I have my debit card on file with them, which means no cc bills.
    Your debit card, or the company's debit card? In either case, while you dont' get a credit card statement you should have a monthly bank statement which would have the charges on it.

    But if you're paying with your personal debit card and then having the company reimburse you, you have to invoice the company. And print out whatever documentation of the charges from RS you can come with (printing from the member area should be fine, but I haven't seen what's there) as backup to your invoices.
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    Are you working from home in your spare time? If so then keep a record of all payments made and print out invoices.

    Also, every bank sends out a statement, either monthly, or quaterly dependant upon what you selected upon signing up to the bank. Make sure you keep this (must be the original copy).
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