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    Need a Webmaster sort of..


    I want to make a offer. Me and a Buisness partner are starting a buisness. We are getting everything sorted out. We are making a website that requires lot of time and devotion too. It will be a major website. We are just semi-looking right now for someone who has the expertise to do this. They will need to have worked on at least 2 MAJOR website's as a webmaster or ass. webmaster, and we need proof. We will hire you if you suit us. Remember we are semi-looking. Thanks. Just PM/or e-mail me if intrested.

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    As an ass webmaster???

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    Short for Assistant Webmaster.

    I'm reasonably qualified and have worked on quite a few major websites in various industries.

    What exactly is the offer you are wanting to give? Work in return for what exactly?
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    Money of course! Also you WILL be in this for a Long term so please no body that isnt serious about their work.

    I am going out of town for a week so anybody that reply's please send to my PM box. THanks

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    We at ePixel Media will be happy to serve you with a design for Your company. Could you tell me more about the website, and we will have a sample within a short future.

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    I will get in touch with you on monday. Thanks.


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