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  • I co-locate more than 5 servers

    15 44.12%
  • I co-locate less than 5 servers

    9 26.47%
  • I have more than 5 dedicated servers

    7 20.59%
  • I have less than 5 dedicated servers

    12 35.29%
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    Number of people using Colo vs Dedicated

    There have been a number of discussions recently about co-locate vs dedicated.

    Got me thinking, how many of you co-locate? How many of you are using dedicated servers?
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    Dedicated, 1 server. COLO lacks support.

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    People that generally colocate have over 5 boxes. You have to be either a volume customer or a custom high-end build type client to make sense to do it.

    But, colocation is a good way to start your own business.
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    I have 5 dedicated boxes and 2 colo boxes (all in the same rack).
    Its a nice little mix for me and works out really well. Enterprise Hosting Solutions Los Angeles and Manhattan NewYork based Servers
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    It depends how costly the box is.

    For our higher end boxes, it was cheaper by a long shot to simply just buy the boxes and the colocate them (cost was down by over 50&#37, so we did that.

    For $50 boxes that we use for IRC and the likes we see no reason, so we just rent them.

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    We do something similar. When we know up front that a guy is going to be a 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 GB customer we send them lease them over to our completion so it will be a GUARANTEED LOSS for them and a PROFITABLE ACCOUNT for us.
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    I started with 1 colocated server and a couple of dedicated servers. Now we have a couple dozen server all colocated and we're phazing out the dedicated stuff. Dedicated makes sense to test the market to see if you can make a profit with the business. Once ya start making money though and have staff, colocation offers better visibility into overall network management and its cheaper to run high end equipment via colocation. In dedicated scenario you pay ~400 / mo for a high end box and in 10mo. you could've built it with that same pricing.
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    I have one colo server and I am not really sure how many servers I got honestly there is just too many

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    I always buy dedicated mainly due to the fact I dont live near a datacentre, but with dedicated I have found you are subject to the datacentre using bad low quality hardware.

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    Colo all the way!

    I many of the businesses on WHT would not be possible without colo as a cost effective solution for hosting large amounts of hardware.
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