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    Server With Fast Connection To China

    Due to a customer's request, I am looking for a server with quick connection to China.

    One IMPORTANT thing to note :

    - I'm not sure if servers in China are subject to the Great Firewall Of China, but my clients specifically noted that the server will need to access resources that may be banned by the Firewall.

    - If servers in China are blocked by the Firewall, please recommend a server that has a quick connection to China (not necessarily in China).

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    HK and Japan servers have fast connection to China


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    I would suggest you to get a server in HK preferably, I heard Japanese providers are wayyy too expensive!

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    All servers on the mainland here are subject to the rules and regulations of the CPC, you won't be able to have any falun gong material or tankman photos on it (and expect it to stay up.) I would suggest getting a box in Hong Kong somewhere, they aren't monitored quite like the mainland services are.
    Ping times to HK are generally under 40ms from here in Guangzhou using the China Telecom's ADSL service. I don't get that great of speeds to Japan or Taiwan from here. There are some West Coast US providers that give decent speeds here as well, but ping times are well over 300ms.
    The Great Firewall's IP is , so if you see it in a traceroute, you'll know to avoid it. Despite what the western media says, it's a very primitive ip based firewall. They just have 30k or so people sitting in Beijing updating the blocked ip list constantly. Can't get to, but you can get to , go figure.
    Also, many of the provinces here are using "push advertising" servers now, that intercept all HTTP requests on port 80 and randomly inject javascript popup window code into legit sites. It was hard for me to believe, but they do. I can't stop them from injecting it, but I can block the strings it injects on my router with packet inspection. This wonderful service also breaks many browser relocation methods, rendering sites like from being able to take you to any links. I get around it with vpn's to servers in the US, but be aware that this is a common problem here and is reducing performance to websites, just FYI.

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