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    Do you need a sales person who will work for free?

    Well this is bascially what the title says. I'm not new to the web hosting industry, and in actual fact I know a nice little bundle about it. I know quite alot but my knowledge of web hosting comes to a hault when I reach to the point of servers.

    Anyway, I am looking to work at a good hosting company as a sales person, and do my best to make the company some money. I do however, have a weird way going about an idea as being a sales person, and I am pretty sure its an idea I haven't seen or heard about before. I will be more than happy to explain to an interested hosting company via email or pm prefered to posting it.

    If your interested I would like your company to be on top of the following reqirements:

    - Your hosting company must have a domain name.
    - Your hosting company must have a built ebsite which keeps updated.
    - Your hosting company must have been open for 2 months or over.
    - Your hosting company must have at least 5 happy paying customers.
    - Your hosting company must have either its own server or a dedicated server.
    - Your hosting company must not have any bad or troubling reports on it.

    I'm not sure if you find these a bit harsh or not but I am really wanting to get into the hosting world more, and the better way of doing that is working for a good hosting company right!?

    Anyway, if your interested I'd appreciate it if you could send me a PM to let me know. In the PM please include any questions if you have any, or else an AIM or MSN name so I could possible contact you. I'll pm you back with my ideas or any questions u need answering.

    (If you are interested, but your hosting company is not on top of the reqirements, however close to them, also please feel free to pm and Ill take a peak. Also please note why your hosting company does not past the requirements.)

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    We are in search of extra staff in different time zones to us to enable us to tackle the time zone problem and to enable a wider level of support to our customers.

    PM me your details if you are interested. What experience do you have in detail? And do you have any scripting skills?
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