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    Thumbs down Powweb keeps covering up my posts on their support forums..

    For anyone who uses Powweb, you should read this.
    I tried posting this in their forum, but the powweb employees just edit my posts and delete them whenever I have very TRUE information that they don't like - which they have a right to do on their forums, but 1.) it is morally no-no, and 2.) they are hiding information their consumers should know.

    So here it goes:

    First thing I did was repsond to a post in their pre-sales questions forum. Someone was asking if Powweb is the actual hosting company and not a reseller.

    Of course their own employee's responded to it and said "Yes, our servers are 100% located at a powweb data center".

    No, not so, they have some colo servers through a company called Myrient, which I can confirm from someone I know who works there.

    Immediately after posting this, a powweb forum admin edits my posts and puts words into my mouth saying exactly the opposite.

    Then I replied again saying he's a fool for doing that because than customers will just know they're trying to hide something.

    So I got over that one, and just went about my business.

    But then again, some more controversial posts.
    Powweb now requires you to send in a copy of your credit card or some other form of verification (in the site faq, it says CC only, it seems powweb is only accepting the alternate forms by request only).

    I clearly replied to the post trying to point out to people that the copying/duplication of your credit card in any form (it is copied if you scan it/copy it, anyway) is ILLEGAL in some states.

    I wasn't being rude, I was being polite, and I was actually posting the message in favor of powweb, because they can get in serious trouble as a business if they make people send in an image of their CC when it's illegal in that state - both parties.

    About an hour or so later, I come back, and my post is no where to be found, it was deleted.

    This can all be explained in itself, and you can clearly see powweb is covering up all of the truthful and helpful information I produce.

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    i know how you feel - i would feel the same way aswell if my posts keep getting ignored and deleted..

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    It's their forum. There is no free speech. Especially speech that could be truthful and could make them look bad. From a quick glance, it looks like another host pretending to own their own 50 million dollar datacenter. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
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    Stay away for Powweb!!!

    No free speech - Terrible service....

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    You know, it's funny. I have about 10 clients with PowWeb and have neve heard a complaint. The only place I ever here about problems is in the web hosting forums I belong to. I wonder why that is.

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    well i think the issues you brought up were important, however might be better addressed privately, if you want a decent responce instead of pissing them off.
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    Well I have multiple accounts on powweb, but I am not renewing my deal after my year is up. I am tired of finding my website down, ftp down, mail doesn't work, or webstats being jacked up again.

    Besides, now I am getting into mySQL and PHP, and I don't want to spend $30 per database per account to add it to each of them.

    As it has been stated in their forum.... "if you don't like us then leave" so I moved one account to a new provider, and as the other accounts expire they too will move. Although the new provider doesn't have the forum as powweb does... their email customer support is awsome.

    Now if only powweb would say "if you don't like us then leave... and here is the rest of the money back for the remaining months."

    hehe if only......


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    I dont see a problem deleting undesirable posts on their own forum.

    Editing posts to change your words is different, but deleting - I think thats fine.

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