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    Question Taxes On Web Store?????

    I live in fla. and have a corp. with a partner of mine, we are going
    to open a web store to sell lighting products,online.I know that everyone that buys anything on my site that resides in fla. I will have to charge state tax. FEW QUESTIONS...
    1.Does my corp name have to appear on the website for legal
    tax purposes.

    2. Does my corporation need to have a DBA with the name of the site I choose.

    3. As far as income tax goes do I go through corporation to file...

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    This is something you should really talk to a lawyer about, Dont base your decision here as none of us a really lawyers and the laws probably change from state to state. I can tell you personally I run just under a DBA and have had no problem.

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    Your site does not reside in Florida, it resides on the internet.

    1 - No, unless you really really feel like it, and it's in no way cheeting - the 2 are very seperate.

    2- Yes, but can be seperate from store name.

    3- I don't know, but I'm not American - so it's ok.

    Sorry - feeling flipant tonight

    Tax and bussines laws on the internet are not defined, and as a none American I don't bother myself with them. - might be a good place to start

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    Just to clarrify a few points, if your business has a physical pressance or even a "nexus" as established by an agent, office, .... you have to pay tax in a state by law.

    There have been cases where companies were forced to pay taxes to a state for driving hteir own delviery trucks into the state, for having employees attend trade shows at which they sold things and so forth.

    What's important to remember is that there is a clear differance between what you are suppose to do and when you will be sued. States like tax money but they won't sue you for 50 cents (unless they don't like you).

    Beyond that you aren't required to disclose your company name on a site for TAX purposes, you don't have to have a DBA for your site since the site is part of an existing company but if you don't have one your invoices/merchant account would have to be under your main company name.

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