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    This it is the perfect service?

    Hello, I want to begin my own project of WebHosting and believe that I have found the perfect service:

    Dedicated servers: Softlayer

    Initially I will use a Xeon 3060, 4GB ECC, 4 x 250GB RAID 5 and CentOS.

    Control Panel: Directadmin

    I believe that Directadmin is the control panel better designed and organized than it exists to offer hosting PHP4+5, MySQL5, PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails.

    Billing and support: Clientexec

    It has all necessary for the management of clients of webhosting, the domains and with integrated support without the complications of Modernbill.

    Management: or

    Both are good options

    You think that it is a good election?

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    If you're just starting out, are you sure you want to jump into a dedicated server and all the extras along with it? Unless you've got people banging on your door asking for hosting that would exceed what a reseller account would offer you, then I suggest starting smaller and upgrading as you grow.

    If you've budgeted for what you've listed and have based your business plan around it, then by all means, it looks like you've covered just about everything as far as services go. - Gameing discussion, arcade, all around good fun

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    I have 30,000$ to invest in the company and marketing, in addition I go to clients with little experience in WebHosting and believe that Directadmin is the best option.

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    Take that $30k and hire a consultant.
    And nothing is perfect.
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    Quote Originally Posted by siforek View Post
    Take that $30k and hire a consultant.
    And nothing is perfect.
    sure, nothing is perfect. I recommend you to try a cheaper solution at first and keep looking for better things while you gain experience.

    And one more thing, even if you have the money, the most you wait the cheaper and faster computers become, I mean, if you are going to have only a few clients for the moment, get a small server and wait while you become more popular. Then, when you have more clients, buy a better server.

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    I dont think that going dedicated is a good option, even if you have the money, believe me the first month, I don't think that you'll use more than 20GB of space and more than 100GB of BW.

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    You haven't mentioned it, so I'll go and remind you that backup is so very important... No backup - No perfect setup.

    And like everyone else says... unless you have something to use the server for:
    Save money and go with a good reseller at first - and spend your money marketing... And on getting a lawyer and consultant to get you legally running with proper TOS and such.

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    If there's humans involved, nothing is perfect

    With regards to your post, in all seriousness: That honestly doesn't sound perfect, it sounds templated. The hardware and choice of Softlayer looks like a solid choice but that aside, you're not mentioning anything to do with your services. If you're going to be successful as a new hosting company, you need something new, refreshing, business-enabling.

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    Take that $30k and buy yourself:

    1) A big reseller or VPS account from a reliable provider that offers true fully managed servers (like

    2) As many customers as you can purchase

    This will give you immediate income from the customers you have bought, and then you can upgrade/grow as necessary.
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    How much of that $30k do you plan on using for advertising? in my own past experience if i coulda done it over again (i had 8k) i would have spent my money like this:

    - 1-2k Website (the nice the better, you can have the best CS in the industry with the best network/hardware, etc but if your website doesn't appeal, you wont bring in customers.)

    - 1.7k put aside for 1 yrs rent on machine (or pay upfront and get a discount, however i would have probably purchased the smallest decent machine they have)

    - 8-14K on purchasing customers from other host.

    - 6-7k advertising, place an ad in a local paper or 2, google adwords, banner ads.

    Trust me you will want to keep 3-4k for unexpected things that may arise unless this will just be your hobby on the side and you have a steady cash flow coming in that can cover.

    An another note, have you consider just strait up buying an existing company?
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