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  1. Business Checkining Accounts/Reordering Checks


    I will be reordering some checks for my business checking account. I was looking at this site:

    They sell personal checks for $7.99 but their business checks start at $21.99. Can I use the personal checks for my buisness checking account? I don't need any fancy features like "3-on-a-page" checks or anything like that.

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    I guess it depends on them. Just drop them a email and ask how much customising you are allowed to do. Just remember that they will say that business checks are for business, otherwise they would never sell any.
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  3. I just called them and to answer my own question yes you can use personal size checks for a business account

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    Yeah my "business" checking account is nothing more than a "personal" checking account that says Paul Mowery (me ) DBA OKIHost on it.. This is all you really need as I have never had a problem.. I think the only difference with a business account is you get a better interest rate but they require a minimum and usually start tacking on fees for EVERYTHING.

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