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    Question Cedant (post acquisition)

    I had not realized that Cedant had been acquired.

    On top of this, Cedant has been struggling with the data center change/debacle. My email was down for 2-3 days when they made the change. 2 weeks later, my email still goes out for hours at a time.

    Does anyone know if key Cedant employees/management left as a result of the acquisition???

    Anyone familiar with How is their service? Are they profitable?
    I'd appreciate any info you may have.


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    Anyone familiar with How is their service? Are they profitable?
    Funding is good. Profitability excellent. They were just heavily funded for the Cedant deal and the new NOC they purchased in Sorrento Valley - San Diego.

    Service? OK. Nothing super, nothing bad.

    Support? Not to sure about shared support, but on the dedicated server/data center side, good luck if you call anytime after 8 - 5 PT. Not to impressive.

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    A-Plus Review (Not Good)

    A-Plus Net (aka Abacus America) of San Diego has been dropped
    by the Better Business Bureau for too many complaints.

    Check out this report at the BBB...

    A-Plus bought out Cedant early this year and since
    the transistion there's been nothing but empty promises,
    email outages constantly and no support.

    I've lost clients as a result and things seem to be getting worse everyday.

    I'll be moving my clients to a new host ASAP.

    Steer clear of this company!

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    Thanks for the update. Too bad. It is a shame.

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