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    Please Review My Ford Enthusiast Website!

    Hey Guys, Just looking for a review of my current website / hobby. Currently it has been online for about 6 months and has recently started to take off. I would like you to review the content and layout of the site if you could. Be Harsh

    Well anyways, thanks to all of you who give me your opinions.

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    not a bad Found On Road Dead site...

    Kinda has a bit of a phpnuke feel to it.

    One thing is I don't really like centered links, I think it may look better if you left align them with a cellpadding of like 2 or so, I think centered text is a little harder to read.

    Also you have white text and white links, not always a good idea, try using different colors for each so they are each distinguishable on thier own. -- coming soon to an internet near you...

    Oklahoma Sooners all the way baby!!

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    i think it looks great...

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    thanks...if you guys want to review the forums without registering...i have a guest account.

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    I will look into changing the link color, i have been already. Keep the comments coming please!

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    looks ok...could do with a little more color and some padding on the body text.......

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    Re: Please Review My Ford Enthusiast Website!

    Originally posted by FordCustoms
    Be Harsh
    It's horrible!

    Just kidding... I like the overall "sleekness" of the website. The color scheme is good, but it may be too dull for some people. Maybe add another color somewhere that is not just a different shade of the color you are using now. Good luck

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