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    Web Designer/Graphic Artist Needed

    We are in need of a web designer or graphic artist. We have programming staff to handle script coding, but do not have anyone with graphics and layout capabilities to meet our needs.

    Here are our thoughts (compensation negotiable):

    You (the designer) come up with and show us a design idea for our site ( We want the design to be professional, clean, and techish. We are also interested in a flash intro, but that is not 100% necessary. From any samples we bring in, we will choose one designer. That designer may be compensated for the work done on the site (negotiable), but will definitely be used for future design projects our company gets provided acceptable rates can be negotiated.

    If you have any questions, you may contact us at [email protected]

    Thank you in advance.

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    you have mail.

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    If you like the design that the graphic designer comes up with for, what is negotiable as far as payment? $20? $30? $100?

    If you're willing to pay $100 for the design you chose, I'll have my graphic designer come up with something, but I need to know if I'll be able to pay him; if not, then I'm out.

    You can check out my site, for sample work, and also look at these screenshots

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    how much you pay for the design?
    see my portfolio

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    @rsammons...looks like people are very good designers..

    Mateo Meier
    Founder Artmotion

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    Hello, my name is Marius Gherghinescu and I am from Romania. I would very much like to work for your company in the matter of web design. I can show you right now some websites that I have recently created : (for e-commerce use) for the Economic college in my city) (pilot project for a webdesign company) (my personal CV, at the moment in romanian, but I can create another in english anytime, still .. a nice animation site)

    my email is [email protected] , thank you.

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