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    Question Front Page 2002 stats

    I have just moved to a new provider to host my web site. I use Frontpage 2002 and I am trying to use the stats gathering function of front page 2002.

    When I go to view front page 2002 stats By logging on to the site using Front page 2002
    it states:
    "There is no usage information available because no data is being collected for this web. To collect usage data contactthe server administrator.

    Could anyone explain to me what is the problem so that I can explain in the the provider so they can get it to work.


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    Your host will need to set up a cron job or something that will run the stats each day. It sets up a lot like analog. The stats in FrontPage are actually rather lacking, and if your web host offers some other stats program, more than likely they won't also support the stats in FrontPage.

    You didn't say if you're hosted on Unix or Windows.
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    they are not running on windows NT
    I bet that is the problem.

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