What is WHMCS?

WHMCompleteSolution is a Client Management, Billing & Support System designed for Web Hosts. Integrated directly with server management software, WHMCS can provide your hosting company with high levels of automation and drastically reduce the time you spend administering simple tasks. Also, being completely template based along with modular components for gateways, registrars & servers makes it completely customisable & expandable to fit your needs.

$10.95/month for a leased license (normally $13.95)
$14.95/month for a debranded license (normally $16.95)
$144.95 for an owned license (normally $169.95)

View http://www.whmcslicenses.com/whmcs.php for more information

Who are we?

WHMCS Licenses is a certified license reseller for WHM Complete Solution. We purchase licenses in bulk giving us the ability to offer prices lower than if you purchased a license direct from WHMCS.com. We are now the largest resellers of WHMCS following the acquisition by LicensePal.

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Why choose us?

- Largest & most trusted reseller of WHMCS
- Direct support from both WHMCS and WHMCS Licenses
- Direct login at WHMCS.com for license
- Live chat support available

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