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    Talking Another "help me find a host thread"....

    Hey all,

    I have just recently developed 10 PHP proxies. I am now looking for a VPS hosting plan to host them for the time being. They currently have no traffic.

    What i am looking for:

    Managed (this is a must)
    Bandwidth around 500gb-1000gb/month
    Cpanel (just because i am familiar with it, however i will consider others)
    At least 512RAM
    Free setup
    Easy to upgrade to another plan/dedicated etc
    Budget: $100 max

    That's about it, i am not too fussed about CPU as these sites shouldn't really be using up too much CPU resources (unlike my other sites)

    *I was going to go with WiredTree as their VPS512 was perfect for me, unfortunately they do not allow proxies.


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    Still looking, ive looked in the offers section and other parts of the forum but, i still can't find anything that suits my needs.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Draw up a short list of companies and drop their sales dept an email and see if they can do something custom for you. Your pricing/requirements should definitly be doable
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    the running of Proxy may be prohibited on some hosts so you definitely need to watch out from that.

    I understand that allows for proxies. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    Hey a2b2, thankyou for the reply. I will most probably start doing that. However, if anyone on here has any experience finding such hosting, i would love to hear from them.

    I can understand that eddy2099, i already have two CGI proxies and that was hard finding hosting for them. Thankyou for the input, they seem like quite a good company, i will add them to my short list.

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    You are really quite close to dedicated hosting.

    Proxies will fare better on dedicated servers compared to VPSes.
    There are a few sub-$100 dedicated servers then can be coupled with $20-30 external management to give you even more power/bandwidth.

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    Hey tsj5j, i know, the only reason i am not really going for a dedicated at the moment is that, i was going to use a vps for around a month untill i had some more income and then move on.

    I see you own a proxy site, do you have a dedicated server?

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