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Thread: Wondering!!!

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    Exclamation Wondering!!!

    Hey All,

    I have been researchin openin a web hosting biz for several mnths.
    I just recently found this site (great place)

    Ok here's what I'm lookin for .. Please tell me if it's possible and if so where to go...

    I am a Windoze tech Specialzing in NT/2K
    I have only installed linux and configured apache 1 time (otherwise I don't know squat of it)

    I want to have BOTH for web servers at 1 location.
    With alot of help for *nix server issues and 99.9% of NT/2k issues I can handle (have setup and run a few test sites from home cable and win2k avd serv.)
    Prolly H-sphere to control them and clients domains... Unless Cpanel will do this (I like cPanel, never seen H-Sphere)

    Shared for now is fine, hopefully when time to upgrade to ded... I can go w same company so transfer data goes smooth...
    Space and bandiwth prolly lowest pack to start (of course possibiity to upgrade easy)... *Note to Self**duh who doesn't have that**
    I'm lookin for anywhere from < 50-100$ mnth charges to start.

    If this doesn't make sense please feel free to ask ?'s
    I tend to think faster than I can type and forget to go back and add stuff

    Thanks In Advance,

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    BTW seemz that abbr/s r the 1 thing u won't bein complin bout, so *nix the wtg grrl.

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    i aren't understanding it writing ezsnake

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    Srry.. Like I said I ramble on in my head and get ahead of my typing.. then think I put everyting I wanted and I actually forgot parts

    I Am asking/looking for is if there are any Host w/ Reseller accounts that have: (w/ good rep and support) (yes I've searched just wanted ppl's here opions as they seem very edjucated.)
    A) both win2k and (preferabbly) redhat 7.3 servers at same location.
    B) If there is any offered Control Panels (ie. Cpanel, H-Sphere)
    C) Hopefully Same place offers
    D) need MySQl on both systems
    E) Allow me to use either their support /faq's for anytype of linux problems..(of course ONLY if I cant find answers myself first)
    D) somewhere under 100$ per mtnh

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    ??????? What no one can suggest such a place...
    Guess I'll just choose myself between 1 of the few I found..

    Just wanted to see if you ppl had any "places to look at" or mentioned one of ones I found.

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