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    Decent dedicated companys anywhere?

    Hi everybody I'm new here and I was thinking about setting up my own hosting busness. But Looking around it seems like there are no good places to buy a dedicated from, everyone seems to have downtime and bad support like rackshack (which I was looking at buying from) and dreamzsolutions and fdcservers.

    So my question is how do you stay in busness if the dedicated guys are so bad? Im kinda wondering if this is a bad busness to get into. Is there one good place you guys all go to get your racks? Because it sure looks like those other guys are pretty bad.

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    You pay what you get for. Get a quality server from someone like Pwebtech, or AffordableServers...

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    You could try, they're quite reliable from what I've heard.
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    I was with FDC and they're AREN'T very bad. But they don't have the speed I am looking for.

    I am going to try and I will let you know once I get my server setup =)

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