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    Exclamation Ultimate Media Script - Version 1.5 Released - Now With Music Video Feed!

    Ultimate Media Script


    I am pleased to announce the release of UMScript 1.5!

    We have:

    1. Got a new design for our site - much much better!

    2. Created stunning new themes for both the frontend and admin backend of the script. These themes are really eye-catching. Will make your sites stand out from the rest.

    3. After much work we have setup a music video feed which is free to all customers. It's worth noting that if you setup a music video site with this script your site will be one of very few sites where the videos still work! This was not easy to achieve...

    4. Numerous other improvements...

    5. Finally we now have a much more competitive pricing structure.

    With access to an endless amount of YouTube content,10,000+ funny videos/images and 20,000+ music videos, content will never be an issue again.


    Do you want to setup a media website in under 5 minutes and have instant access to more files than all your competitors put together complete with descriptions,thumbnails,auto-updates and no need to upload?

    This is now possible with UMScript! Not only does it have an advanced range of features and extensive options for adding your own files but it also has a range of media feeds consisting of tens of thousands of files - videos,images,audio and just about everything else under the sun!

    UMScript is suitable for a wide variety of media websites. Over 20 file types supported and ability to add your own! The most flexible media script available today!

    UMScript is set to be a constantly evolving product - new features being added regularly at no extra charge!


    Single Domain license (includes YouTube + Music Video feeds) - $49.95 one-time payment
    Branding Removal - $24.95 one-time payment Media Feed - Instant access to 10,000+ files with regular updates - $99.95 one-time payment - can be ordered via your admin panel

    L2C (Listen-2-Customers) Technology:

    We want your suggestions! Rather than a simple "thanks for your suggestion" we actually take action! You ask we provide!

    Admin Panel Features:

    * Media Feeds - enable.disable and customize media feeds
    * Admins - add,edit and remove
    * Users - add,edit and remove
    * Manage Media - manage currently added files
    * Add External Media - add media located on other websites
    * Add Embeddable Media - add media with embeddable coding
    * Add Local Media - add uploaded files by entering the relevant details,preview files and in-browser upload system
    * Add Media Frames
    * Add multiple external files and media frames on a single page!
    * Adverts - easily add adverts to your website,custom positions and compatible with just about any advert type
    * Comments - manage users comments on your files
    * Files Pending Approval - approve user submitted files if approval is required
    * Categories - create categories for your content
    * Media Types - organise types of files into categories
    * File types - 20 file types ready to go and ability to add your own
    * Templates - edit templates quickly and with extreme ease within your browser
    * Settings - 20 powerful settings such as permissions,appearance,SEO and much more
    * Auto-thumbnailing
    * File location hiding

    User Panel Features:

    * Add Media - advanced media submission and optional approval systems
    * Edit profile - users can edit personal profiles and change passwords etc
    * Favourites - users can add files to their favourites list and modify the list


    * Users Online
    * Free Updates & Upgrades

    Please visit our site for full details,demos and to order - click here to visit
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    * Man You are DUMB!

    HAHAHAHA So I saw this script. And I must say it looks nice. Until I realized they were trying to sell yahoo music videos for 99$. Guess what! Yahoo Music will sue you for trying to sell their music videos. It has happened before with other software trying to sell yahoo music video feeds and that site was sent a letter closing them down and suing them for all lost revenue which they sold to clients.

    Your software violates copyright laws! If I were you I would close it down before yahoo or youtube figures it out!

    Good luck trying to rip off these people here at WHT. I for one am posting this announcement so someone isn't screwed because this software author fails to comply with copyright laws.

    If you want real media software there is real software for sale on wht that doesn't infringe on copyright laws. Enjoy~!

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    Firstly I am not "trying to sell yahoo music videos for 99$". This functionality comes free with the script which itself is $49.95.

    Secondly the music videos are not hosted on your site.

    Thirdly there are lots of music video sites right now which aren't getting into any trouble.

    The issue with MVScript was entirely different as they were using a specific method on their server to bypass Yahoo security.

    I know a lot about the MVScript situation...

    So please don't be so quick to jump to conclusions.

    "Man You are DUMB!"
    What age are you anyways?
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