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Thread: Flasher needed

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    Flasher needed

    A client of ours has asked for a nice flash intro.

    We do have a nice budget.

    So if you are good, send me some examples of your work and price rates more or less.

    We like a clean and pro design, so kids with Swish etc.. no need to apply.

    Thank you.

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    I can run nude through the yard if you really need a good flasher.......

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    Good one

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    you have mail.

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    you got mail also but from me
    Todd Goldberg
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    Originally posted by dandanfirema
    I can run nude through the yard if you really need a good flasher.......

    Yeah but how much experience do you have??

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    Dangit man! Tomorrow is Flash Wednesday!!!!

    Who has ever heard of Flash Tuesday?!?!

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    Hello, my name is Marius Gherghinescu and I am from Romania. I would very much like to work for your company in the matter of web design. I can show you right now some websites that I have recently created : (for e-commerce use) for the Economic college in my city) (pilot project for a webdesign company) (my personal CV, at the moment in romanian, but I can create another in english anytime, still .. a nice animation site)

    my email is [email protected] , thank you.

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