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    Good replacement for my Raq4.. Ensim, CPanel or Plesk

    I'm looking to replace a pair of Raq4 boxes with a single meetier machine running an alternative control panel system.

    Has anyone done this migration path and can they recommend a certain control panel application. I have read the marketing blurb for the 3 main apps (Ensim, CPanel and Plesk) but like to see how other users have got on before I proceed.

    I'm looking to host my own sites and provide virtual sites for 20 or so customers.



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    Well if you want the simplicity that RAQ has then go with Cpanel.

    Its by far the most user friendly Cpanel out there.


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    Looks like CPanel is recomended.. though am I correct in thinking it requires a monthly fee for the license?



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    I've run all three and would have to say Cpanel, even though it involves a monthly fee. it's well worth it.

    My Ensim experience (was running this before I moved to CPanel): stay well clear. When it works it does the job it is supposed to do but I've read too many posts with people saying LS 3.1 is in some way not working as it should for them and I had the same problem. This wouldn't normally be an issue, but just try fixing Ensim, it's not very admin friendly in that way.

    Plesk: tested it for a few weeks. Nothing wrong with it, though it be a bit bland looking (can be changed though). It is a bit confusing where to find certain settings etc., but they are there somewhere.

    CPanel: It rocks

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