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    Medialayer 6 month review.

    After not needing a VPS anymore I switched to Medialayer. I run some personal sites and some clients. The service is top notch, support is even better you cant get any better than this.


    Uptime: 9.5 / 10 Schedule downtimes are minimal and usually take 10 minutes. Only unscheduled downtime was couple months ago where the PSU died or some sort.

    Support 10 / 10 Great support, can be reached via AIM and usually answered within seconds but never need because everything just works and billing is never wrong.

    Overall 10 / 10 I won't count the downtime because things like this can't be predicted and they will happen sooner or later. I've been moved to their new layer5 server and its fast fast fast! They underload their servers so you never have crazy load times.

    Notes. They run PHP 4/5 on their Directadmin servers and update exploits and keep servers secure like no other, within hours of their release.

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    Good to see more happy customers.

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    Wonderful review - Im sure layer0 appreicates it (and personally, love seeing the constantly good reviews from underloaded environments catering to application hosting )

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    Im sure layer0 appreicates it
    Indeed I do

    Thanks pztup! It's been a pleasure doing business with you.
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    I've been using medialayer for some sites for a while and I have to say I'm pretty impressed, my site loads amazingly fast and support has always been top notch.

    I believe they are working on some new product that should decrease website load times even further so I can't wait to see that happen.

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    Chalk another one up for MediaLayer. You guys must be doing something right because your customers love you! It's good that a company is doing very well, but it is GREAT to hear it from the happy customers. Thanks for the review!
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    Great review! It was very concise and straight to the point

    Layer0, as he is known on these forums, is an excellent server admin and an all around great guy.

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    Great to hear another positive review, and happy client!
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    Thanks for stopping by to let us know your experience!

    I wish you all the best.
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    I like Medialayer too.It's easy to use and efficient.

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    Impressive review for Medialayer. These guys just can't seem to do any wrong.

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    I will be giving Medialayer a try and review them as well.

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