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    Exclamation Please make Billing sound easy

    hi i want to start a reselling website but don't know anything about the whole billing approach. I'm from the UK so i would won't the processor to be able to take credit card orders from US accounts and somehow for me to get them into my account into pounds. Now what i would like to know is do you guys know recommend any that won't take a huge cut of what i get and also i not really into paying a huge fee to have the system. But when a user signs up in an order form is everything taken care of or do i need to do everything like take the number manually take the money from their accounts etc or will the programme automactically do that. Because i don't know php or much programming i don't really want it to be too hard to set up etc. also ill paypal do this for me because i checked out their site and was still Yes still a bit confused, does the user click on a link i.e. on my site near the hosting package fill out their details from a paypal order form and then the moneys taken from thier account and put into my paypal account. Is that how it works or...
    please help any infos good

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    I'm still pretty much in training at reading posts without using paragraphs ( )but I'm guessing you're after a credit card processor.

    There are several around, so try searching the forum for different opinions. We use Revecom as this can process GBP and is very good.

    It also seems you're after a client/billing manager. Again, there are many of these so another search is in order. We use a heavily hacked up phpManager which has suited us up to now and can intergrate with Paypal, Revecom and other payment processors.

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    hehe, my better half types like that so I'm used to it

    sounds like you should check out or My only experience has been with Revecom (Paysystems) but I presume the other is similar.

    You get a control panel to administer accounts, that rebills automatically for you depending on what time period you set for each plan (monthly, 3,6,12 months etc). You just place a link on your site that goes to their forms, which the customer fills in when they sign up. You get notified, the transaction gets processed and if all goes well, it goes into the 'settled transactions' page.

    Once a week (or whatever you prefer), money is then wired to your personal bank account. Pretty easy stuff.

    You just have to make you collect the right information on the form, beside their billing info. domain name, plan type etc.

    From there you just use that information to set up the account itself, send the info to the customer, and there you have it.

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