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    * Buying 1 to 8000 clients.

    Buying 1 to 8000 clients.

    Over 4000 clients bought in 2007 so far.

    AIM: gameunit

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    Wanna buy my whole company?:
    Hi, I am here to sell TechoHost, my webhosting company as I have no time to run it anymore. It has been around since the end of 06'

    What comes with the site?
    3 Domains,, and (main domain)

    Server (VPS) costs you $40/month which all current customers are on, This VPS has 40GB space with 250GB transfer. It currently only has 2.83GB used.

    3 Customers paying $20 Yearly for Master Resellers
    1 Customer paying $15.50 Monthly for Shared WebHosting
    2 Customers paying $20 Monthly for Master Reseller
    1 Customer paying $10 per Year for Reseller


    $49 AUD per year for the master reseller licence (Repaid end of last month)
    $40US For the server per month
    $7 For Client Exec per month

    The COntrol Panel is cPanel, WHM with HyperVM

    This company has the potential to become huge with all automated sigups and billing. The company comes with the site and everything else on show.

    PM me for more info, to make an offer or just post here.

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