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    Thumbs down Westhost

    Can anyone else access My sites have been down for the last 4 hours and I cannot get in contact with them. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    Yes - I am having the same problem. They seem to be totally dead - DNS not resolving and even trying to access the sites by IP address doesn't work.....

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    No, I cant access them either.

    The page cannot be displayed

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    Nearly 5 hours now. Still nothing back. I can tracert to at least now so Im hoping that someone is working on this problem & not asleep like I suspect.

    The only thing that could make this worse would be in my servers were all on fire right now.

    24 hour support my ass.

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    well there are some other posts about the downtime of webaxxs..

    they are on the same network so I guess this is why westhost is down....

    ps. can't lookup the DNS records for zone.... something is wrong....

    pss. have you tried to ping or traceroute their (or your web site or server) IP address?

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    My sites are starting to half work now, by that I mean they are slow but I guess thats better than nothing.

    Looks like Westhost have started work.

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    Yeah all seems back to normal now, but it's still a bit heartstopping and I'm alarmed that the whole of the Westhost nework seemed to totally die ie. their DNS and web servers.

    I'd already got them to add in a backup MX for my domain, but no use if the DNS is down...

    I've decided to sign up for UltraDNS new $1 a month service, so I'm in a bit moe control if this sort of thing happens again...

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    is it a DoS attack or?

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