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    is cogent any good with this setup .. ?

    I am gathering information to start a solution for my client for streaming servers. I posted a thread before to have opinions about streaming servers and the technology used but didnít have much response. I hope I will be able to get a good response from this thread.

    I look forward to as my bandwidth provider. How good is their 100 Mbit / $1000 per month deal? What other solution can be done about this? Not to mention that the average amount of stations on the streaming server will be 70+ and each station will be having around 250 users. And each user will be having a minimum of 28Kbps of bandwidth.

    I am located in Pakistan and the client is located in UK. Anyway using any co-location facility with cogentco? Is there any other provider which gives such service in fewer prices?

    .. and thanks in advance for any possible answers... :-)

    oOoOoOps .. I should have posted this to Dedicated Servers Forum .. Moderator, move this thread please.
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    what make ppl so busy, that they can't even reply eeh .. still waiting for responce ..

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