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    Help needed badly

    My company's domain has been suspended by <>, an US based internet host where our domain parks, for a childish reason of forward inquiries wrongly(which we are never told to whom we should not email inquiries) to their Customer Support.

    We have not being able to download emails sent to us from mailbox in our company's domain with them.

    Kindly let us know, for this type of case, to whom can I complaint and seek help in order to make the host resume our domain.

    Thanks and awaiting your prompt reply.

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    Well, it depends on who registered the domain names. If the domain is under your name, chances are you can make the DNS change and point it to the new host.

    If it is registered under, it is probably harder and close to impossible to do so. You might want to write/mail or fax them to ask them to do the transfer to your name.

    You may want to write to the domain name registrar in such dispute and provide documentary proofs that the domain name
    belongs to you.

    I sure hope that the others have better clue on how to assist you in this matter. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    What does is when you get a free domain from them in a hosting package, they put the rights to the name in their name, not the users. They do that so when you leave their hosting, they make you pay $10 for the domain. So, technically, you are only getting the free domain while hosted with them. And I learned the hard way that their services sucks.

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