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    I dont know if any of you have had the experience of's webhosting. Im not here to bash there service but just a warning to other people seeking a webhost.
    Aletia servers are the worst i have been on. When i first started everything was great hosting a 9.95 a month for a good amount of space. But then about a month later they changed all their servers around couldnt even script cgi scripts they blocked all cgi to the cgi bin then locked us down with chmodding. Then their support went downhill from a 30 minute reply to a week reply. So if anyone is thinking about them i give a thumbs down to them.
    Now i found the host i like at I havnt had any problems with them and their support staff is the best ive seen better then aletia any day. Josh,jeramie and lynda rock wouldnt go anywhere else now. They seem to be a small company but with big servers and no overcrowding wich is a big no in the hosting service. So if you guys see this thanks lynda you helped alot.

    Sorry for the long post just trying to help

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    You know I am not taking sides here, I do not know anything about so I can't comment on them.

    But when I see a newbie bashing a host on their very first post and recomending a new host that just so happens to post their very first offer and made their post at the same time, it all smells like to me.

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    What do people do to screw up their nicely pre-configured servers? It isn't that hard to keep a server in good repair!

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    Sorry its not spam :/ I lurk here often keeping up to date. Infact i found aletia through here. Lol ironic eh? Anywho i told the owner of this place cuz she was looking for a place to advertise. And well this is as good as any other and she would get her business out in the open. Thought it was a friendly enviroment here ....guess not.

    Well anyways

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    Ummm dont know how they do it lol. Anything is possible i guess. All i know is they did a bad job at it.

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    No problems with Aletia here or their support. Been using them for almost a year now.

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    One thing to keep in mind are the growing pains of any company. Aletia has several thousands of clients while was just registered on 7 May 2002, not even 3 months old. We are glad you are happier with your hosting experience now but if succeeds they too will reach the point when its no longer possible to hold each clients hand. Unfortunately that is how things go, but there are steps any host can take to make sure at least their service and support stay far more acceptable than taking a week to reply to support ticket .
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    I've seen all kinds of messages stating how bad Aletia is, but I wanted to say that I've been with them for almost a year and haven't had any problems with them. Maybe I am just more forgiving than other people, but my site hasn't seemed to suffer much downtown and my scripts work (mind you I stick to PHP and mySQL).

    If anything, yes, I've noticed that tech support has gone a little downhill, but again, maybe I am just more forgiving.

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    ripe: you probably are more forgiving.... but thats a good thing

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