I am in need of a webmaster to update a couple of my sites and create another I have a need for. This would be ongoing as I have additional plans for other sites as well. I don't expect them all to be done in a month but just need someone who can work on sites as I need them.

The main projects right now are to update my internet services site and hosting site and setup a new site (related to hosting as well).

I would like to trade the use of a server in exchange.

I will maintain the server and upgrade it as need be.. and you can use the server for what ever you wish (as long as it's leagel of course). Bandwidth included of course.... again no set specs or amount... just whatever we agree upon mutually as time goes on.

I need full site redone or created.... not someone who can just make a pretty photoshop graphic and call it a template... I need all pages, forms, etc. done.. I will provide content.

If your abilities are good enough and depending on the effort and work that goes into a particular site I can possibly $$$ on top of the server as well... or provide an additional server(s)... again we will both agree before hand what is appropriate.

Email me with examples or portfolio: [email protected]