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    Should I use Oscommerce or something else?

    I need shopping cart capability. I was told to look at oscommerce.

    I will only have a few items to start with but it should grow fairly quickly.

    Ideally, I would like to be able to accept paypal and then real credit card transactions in the future.

    Thanks for any advice

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    OSCommerce is a good choice easy to install and setup and most of the payment modules are built right in..
    Go for it.

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    A couple of our clients are using oscommerce and seem to love it... so I would take a stab at it
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    OsCommerce (The Exchange Project) is great. I have been installing it for clients for a while now and its amazing. By far the best free shopping cart out there.

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    it looks VERY impressive
    and i am thinking about using it

    i don't hear too much about it here on the forums though ?

    i wonder why

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    I agree with everyone above. Just don't forget to put a password on the administration panel location. It does not have a built in security mechanism for securing the admin functions. This should be done with htpasswd
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    It's a good system, and i like the fact that people are always creating new modules for it. They also have a support forum where you can get most of your questions answered. There is a section where you can review oscommerce sites and get new ideas.

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    Thumbs up

    Wonderful stuff all the way around. Highly configurable, so you can custom tailor to you exact needs.
    Example: A friend of mine just wrote a simple php script for me that imports Inventory and Manfactures from Quick Books Straight into the database, took about 20 seconds to move 2,500 items and 150+ manafactures.

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    Dear All,

    Have seen the great capabilities of OSCommerce, but have not tried, coz their installation instructions were rather brief. Does anyone have a link to a more detailed one? Appreciate any help that I can get.

    Take care.

    Best Regards,

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    also try, looks good so far.

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    Originally posted by djlightning
    Thank you very very much. Appreciate it man.

    Take care.

    Best Regards,

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    If you use cpanel - try "fantastico"

    Now thats easy

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    have you checked out xmart ecommerce?

    I've been using it and I love it...
    the new version is so easy to use

    check it out

    it's really cheap too, unlimited hosting and unlimited products

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    Re: have you checked out xmart ecommerce?

    Originally posted by jakeb
    I've been using it and I love it...
    the new version is so easy to use

    check it out

    it's really cheap too, unlimited hosting and unlimited products

    Do you own stock in them?
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    It is only momentum and lack of time that has kept me at XMart since 2002. Although uptime has been great, several application tools have never worked. Specifically –The mandatory site designer is glitchy.
    The “Site Description” for meta tags is inop…blank.
    It is impossible to optimize for search engines.
    Reports tools do not work at all
    “Our Specials” are displayed in double and cannot be removed.

    Toughest of all for me is that customer support is non-existent. Once I received a reply and apology nearly 3 months after the reported issues. A couple of the problems were fixed, then nothing again, ever.

    I am about to make a move and have a party to celebrate.



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