Just for anyone interested, I am posting this to let you know my experiences with this company - it may help someone.

They offer a reseller plan on a hidden page on their site with a 48hr special that you get a link to via email marketing. There is another thread on this within this forum.

$25/mth for 20 domains and 1GB of space using WHM/CPanel. Options to upgrade to $50 for 40GB space or $70 for unlim space. I decided to try out their offer (this is all before I discovered this fourm which I have since found very valuable.)

They have a chat system on their main domain name for support and a sales email address for requests

The upshot is

1. Fast setup of account
2. Fast servers. Did a trace and they are east cost US.
3. Only one instance of downtime for 12 hours - received an email half in german, half in english saying that somone had tried to hack there servers and to change any passwords.

however, their support is shocking.

I have had NO responses to any emails I have sent in.
The Online Chat is regularly not available and has 30+ minute wait

I have no problem with their hardware and would recommend them for that, however, use them only if you intend never to ask them a question.

Hope this is useful to someone.

And for all those people who have posted other stuff on this site, thanks