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    Large scale high performance video streaming, bandwidth

    Bandwidth offers:

    PCCWGlobal / BTNAccess
    ** PCCW is now #10 on AS ranking!! **

    Great routes to Asia plus a strong US backbone.
    PCCW Global bandwidth available via fastE or Gige in select Equinix datacenters.
    1 year term, minimum 30 megs on a fastE, minimum 100 megs on a GigE
    We will beat anyones pricing on PCCW bandwidth!
    Minimum 100 megs on a Gige -- $15/mbps
    100 mbps on a FastE -- $15/mbps
    1 year term


    Level3 bandwidth available via Gige in major datacenters in the US, Toronto, and Europe.
    Minimum 200 megs on a GigE -- $24.50/mbps
    100 mbps on a FastE -- $25/mbps
    1 year term


    AboveNet -- make an offer!! Minimum 200 mbps

    Large scale high performance video streaming
    Customers asking for a one-off event, or streaming that is too large for your network?

    * Windows Media streaming
    * Flash download

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    PCCW bandwidth

    Sorry for being a noob, is the price mentioned here monthly of yearly?
    I'm interested to take 100mbps, what will the price be for a one year term.


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