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    Unique Professional Template.

    This has been bid on before, but the winning bidder could not be contacted when the bid was over.

    I am looking for the best price for this template. I have received comments saying it is easily worth over $200, but I will accept all offers from $100 and up. This template will remain on sale until Saturday, noon eastern time.

    This will include:
    -html file
    -sliced images
    -template psd
    -psd's for any other graphics which may need modified
    -all gifs
    -css file if used

    I will also sell the template for less as a psd only, meaning you would do the slicing and coding. Specify which you are bidding on when you bid...either the full package, or just the psd.

    This template will not be sold more than once. It will be exclusive to the winner.

    I'm also accepting more work now as well if anyone needs a full website, template, or graphics done for very reasonable prices. Thanx.

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    nice one
    Aquired by Data Provider LLC.

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    wow, its worth way more than $200...

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    Uh, dude - I bought that one.

    You contacted me on a Sunday, and even I need a day off away from the computer, and I am trying to contact you now for it. Please let me and everyone else know what is going on.....

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    I contacted you on Saturday, and then again on Sunday saying that I usually give 48 hours to respond before considering to resell, and again today before I decided to put it up again.

    I guess this auction is closed. Template sold to NodeHost for $60.
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    That's a great deal at $60 for that template!

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    Okay...if I am not contacted by tomorrow (Wednesday) noon, the deal is off. I ave tried contacting you (NodeHost) with no response, so I tried to sell again, then you come here saying you're trying to contact me about it...yet no response STILL.

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    please check your pm folder.
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    Hey NodeHost,

    I'm sorry, but due to the obvious lack of communication, I have chosen to call the deal off. Please do NOT make payment to me via PayPal. If you do however, I will deny the payment. Sorry about your problems that disabled you from closing the deal. If you would like to keep me in mind, we can work together on future projects...possibly with pre-payment


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