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    Question proftpd - slow to list files

    i have seen threads about proftpd being slow to login on cpanel servers, but i have a slightly different problem. my login seems to go fine, but it sometimes takes a long time to list the files.

    it can take 30 seconds to one minute to list files - but not always,
    the problem is intermittent.

    any ideas about fixing this?


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    Well, I havn't calculated the time, but it always seem to take long time. I work as webmaster on win2k based site it takes less time to list files than the brand new cpanel server.

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    Slow file list

    You might investigate whether you're configured to allow passive mode FTP or not (this is both a proftpd AND a firewall issue if you're using a firewall). If passive mode is not allowed, then the client may wait to time out attempting a passive mode connection before it switches over to normal mode and actually retrieves the file list.

    One way to test this is to connect with a client, and force normal mode before attempting a file list - if this eliminates the delay, then that's your problem. How to do this depends on what client you're using. If the cleint is a browser like IE, then it is attempting a passive mode connection.

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    Make sure your reverse DNS is configured properly as well. The delay could be a time out caused by searchng for non-existant reverse DNS entries.
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    UseReverseDNS off

    in proftpd.conf and restart proftpd or send a SIGHUP to the pid
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