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    downtime at specific locations

    I have a major issue. My server has a great uptime, but I received lately complaints from clients, saying that some location cannot pick up their web site. I can barely ask my client for the tracerout, and I definetly can't ask my clients' clients to check the traceroot. Does anyone have any suggestions. Is there any program or service out there, that can checking system uptime from multiple locations around the world?

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    There is another thread about a similar problem - sounds like there is at least one isp that is not getting through from se asia, is that where your clients are by any chance?

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    I wouldn't be embarrassed about asking for traceroutes, the're fundamental in establishing where on the internet any problem may be happening. Since it can, obviously, be anywhere from the users PC to their ISP, major routers, datacentre providers your local server lan to your servers network card, then you must have this vital bit of information from as many sources as possible. But most especially from those actually experiencing the problem.

    Btw, the URL that Andrew mentioned earlier should be:

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