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    Need web assistance

    I'm looking to redesign my site in such a way that it is cutting edge, fun, and easy to navigate.

    I need to add interactive daily news and such, and provide people the ability to access the site and do that. Is there anyone here that would know how to do that type of advanced web design?

    I can promote your hosting company in return for help.

    BTW, this discussion group is awesome. Kudos to

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    Sounds like you're after a content management system. There are many such scripts at places like

    A fairly simple news updater can be done quite easily in PHP/MySQL and is often a good 'first project' for those learning. If you're doing it yourself, try looking at places like,, and a search on Google for tutorials. You will have a decent CMS setup in no time
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    If you're looking for something already made. Here are some opensource ones.

    Post Nuke

    There are paid ones available, but I dont have any links at the moment.
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    You could try the edge engine its a fairly new cms, not many people use it at the moment.
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