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    Talking Looking for a Partner.


    I'm looking for a Partner to start a web hosting company with and share the cost of a server. The server costs $119 per month. Split two ways it comes to $59.50. I am looking for someone who is motivated, intelligent, friendly, and financially secure. I would love to find someone who is good in web design so we wouldn't have to hire someone but, if need be, someone could be hired. All costs will be split 50-50 as will all profits.

    Here's how you can contact me:

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    E-mail me at: [email protected]
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    You aren't like 12, are you?

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    bambenek- No, I am not 12.

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    Do you have potential customers now, or just trying to build from scratch... what provider have you choosen.

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    bambenek- I have two potential customers. As for a provider, I'm looking at Server Beach right now.

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    Ed, Could you get on MSN?
    -Michael Mcgahan

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    How old are you?

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