Integra Hosting,, is offering full HSphere reseller plans. HSphere is a powerful, advanced control panel system that helps automate your business to the max. With built-in support ticket system, automated invoicing, automated billing (with supported gateway), automated signup, and automated account setup, HSphere lets you make more money and spend less time doing it.

Demo our End User control panel at and login in as 'cpdemo' with a password of 'enter'. Please note, this is a restricted feature demo.

Demo the Admin control panel at and login as 'admin' with a password of 'admin'.

Integra Hosting provides top notch support for you. You will have your own private nameservers that your customers will use, and access to our Resellers Forum.

We currently offer 4 reseller plans, all of which offer no restrictions on the resources you sell, other than disk space, transfer and IP's:

Plan Space Transfer Monthly Cost
One 512 MB 5 GB $20

Two 1 GB 15 GB $40

Three 2 GB 25 GB $65

Four 3 GB 40 GB $110
Additional space all plans - $0.02 per MB
Additional transfer all plans - $2.50 per GB

No limit as to how much space and transfer you can add on to your plan. Visit us today to see if Integra Hosting is the right host to be your webhosting partner.

WARNING: HSphere is a powerful control panel and therefore is more complex than other control panels. Do not expect to open it up and go right to selling accounts. Your automation must set up (we'll do it for you) before you go live. There is extensive documentation online available to assist you. Check it out at

We realize that HSphere and Integra Hosting are not for everyone, but you may be the type that has vision and ambition to succeed. For you, we're here. If you're not that type, then ....