I posted in the other forum, but i didnt know if maybe this forum would be better for it.

I own a design firm called Dash Interactive and recently we had one our leads specialists quit because they had a baby.

Dash Interactive is a professional design firm based in the San Antonio,tx area. We have 12 employees and each is certified in their area of expertise. We specialize in making our clients happy at a price that works for both of us.

We will always complete a project before the deadline and we always keep good relationships and communication with our clients to insure they recieve good service before, during, and after the project. We have a sum of over 500 clients in all our areas combined.

We offer web design , consulting, software design (for in stores or anything else),graphic design , 2d/3d art and animation, advertising design (flyers/banners/billboards/tv ads, etc etc), business cards, letterheads,media design (cd-rom presentations, cd-rom business cards), interactive displays (we did a museum exhibit which was a touchscreen display), product concept design , training, and even custom built computers.

We need someone to find new clients for us. No "lists" are given to call from or any help is given. Its all up to them to find them. Commision based with possibility of fulltime or part time salary later on. Commision is 30-75% depending on project.