Touch Support is pleased to announce the opening of its new Windows 2000/2003 Helm/Plesk servers, outsourced ticket support service.

Windows ticket support services are available beginning March 15th, and we are taking orders for that start of service date, now.

All ticket support services encompass Level 1 support (defined as no server login required) and Level 2 support (server login required, technician-level services performed, generally localized to one user account); Level 3 support issues will be escalated to your administration team.

All per-ticket support plans have a $300.00 monthly minimum billing. This includes the cost of the support ticket, $3.75 (volume discounts are available), as well as the support subscription of $44.95/month. The support subscription includes an unlimited Kayako eSupport license, required as the helpdesk (the support subscription will be discounted to $19.95, if you have your own Kayako eSupport license). Server Monitoring packages may account for part of the $300 monthly minimum billing.

Tickets are purchased on a monthly basis. A ticket is defined as containing a response from a Touch Support staff member. Please note that while a ticket with one response from our team is counted as one complete ticket (this includes escalated tickets), a ticket with 20 responses from our team is also counted as one complete ticket.

Live Chat support is also available for Windows 2000/20003, Helm/Plesk servers. Live Chat must be purchased in tandem with per-ticket support.

All of our support solutions are fully branded and available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

For additional information, or to sign up for our Windows 2000/2003, Helm/Plesk servers, per-ticket support plan, please contact:
[email protected]
[email protected]
Grady 260 241 7539
Sales 888-458-6824 x.3