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    ~ Flash design Partner wanted~

    Sessionmedia a full service webdesign and hosting company is looking to take on a Partner which would benefit from Profit sharing options.

    So heres the deal:

    We are looking for someone to join our team who is fluent in Flash and graphic design. This person would be a full parnter of the Sessionmeda family. As your investment into our company would be to help upgrade our site to better display our talents as a team which includes a Programer and also another graphics designer. Your cut would be a % of any sales we get after you join our team. Not you will not get any monthly % of pre-existing sales (ie customers we already have) unless our current customers decides to purchase additional services (ie web design, banner design ect) after you join our team. For more information please e-mail [email protected] and include at least 3 samples of your flash work which must also include a contact referance for each as we will be checking referances.

    Thank you
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    Hello, my name is Marius Gherghinescu and I am from Romania. I would very much like to work for your company in the matter of web design. I can show you right now some websites that I have recently created : (for e-commerce use) for the Economic college in my city) (pilot project for a webdesign company) (my personal CV, at the moment in romanian, but I can create another in english anytime, still .. a nice animation site)

    my email is [email protected] , thank you.

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