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    Exclamation or Zeonhost? Need an opinion.

    I have been reseaching companies for two weeks. My choices are down to and has several reviews with so I contacted every one of the websites listed (all with different domains) and every web master that gave a review wrote me back to confirm their review and to update me with their experiences with Zeonhost since they have been listed. Not all of the reviews were perfect which lead me to believe they were authentic. But no one complained of anything profoundly wrong. All were very happy with Zeon.

    Bravidio has been wonderful to me so far. They have an excellent package available and the one perosn I have interacted with for support has been great! I was going to definitely go with Bravidio until I heard from one reviewer (only one I could find mind you) that gave an "adequate" report on Bravidio and who said he would still refer me to them but said I needed to be aware that Bravidio had so far never honored their 99.9% guarantee of up time and they don't have an actual phone number for support. (Zeon doesn't either from what I can see). The reviewer said that he had had trouble with down time and not getting fast responses from support.

    Here's the review I got:

    Overall, I have been very impressed with Bravidio's services. You get a LOT more for your money than you do anywhere else if you buy the year in advance (it comes out to $9.95 a month and you get 500 MB, 10 GB transfer, 50 e-mails, 10 FTP accounts, unlimited forwarders, unlimited mailing lists, 10 subdomains, ). I have found occasionally that it'll be difficult to get them to own up to their 99.9% guarantee. They claim to give you a credit
    for downtime, but I have never gotten such a credit even though they promised me because of my dissatisfaction at that time. However, in the last month, the server has only been down 20 minutes and it was during the middle of the night (meaning it was probably just a reboot).

    I would recommend them to you overall, but if you choose to go with them, remember that they're a small company that doesn't reply quite as quickly as they claim, but usually reply back within a day (the site says usually within 1 or 2 hours... for me, it's been rarely that fast). They're good to you if you let them know what you want and expect, and like I said in my review, the majority of the staff they have are courteous.

    The only other thing I'd warn you about is that they have no published phone number to contact them with. I have complained to them about this because of the many times I wasn't receiving replies to my e-mails. Supposedly, they're getting an 800 number for emergencies, but they told me that almost 2 months ago and it's still not published to their site, so I don't know if they did get a number or not. The site does mention that they're getting one, but it says that they'll have it by 7/1/2002 and obviously it's after that date.

    Anyway, if you have further questions, let me know...I'd be happy to reply. When the servers are working great (most of the time now), these issues I have told you about are not worth worrying about. It when the server has problems and they don't respond that I've had issues with Bravidio.
    My partner will be here in an hour to order hosting. If anyone sees this can you give me your opinion. I thought I had this settled but now I am not so sure. I did write to Bravidio to ask them about these issues.

    Bravido also has a refund policy:

    " What happens if I prepay for my account, and decide to cancel service?

    A:If you decide to cancel service, we will pro-rate any unused portion of your payment. So, if you paid for 1 year, and after 6 months, you decide to cancel, you will recieve 50% of your money back.

    Any recommendations? thanks!

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    zeonhost has been terrific for me. I've posted a few replies because they really have been very good. Don't know about Bravidio. Best part about zeonhost has been the ability to host 5 domains in one account. Good for the ones I'd be using as subdomains. Truly, win win for both sides. Didn't see any $10 per month option at Bravidio either... much more.

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    I see the offer now. Very small link. Good offer and I've not used them at this time. Zeonhost is a bit more but Ive had several accounts with them for 6 months and have been quite impressed.

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    Zeonhost cannot handle large sites. I recently signed up with them and after a few days they asked us to leave due to the volume of my site. I'm sure they're a good host for smaller sites though.

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    Actually, I think the issue of large sites has nothing to do with Zeonhost at all. Virtually every reputable provider of shared/virtual hosting that I know has limits on site volume whereby they tax the shared server and should appropriately be moved to a dedicated server.

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