Irvine, California—July 8, 2002--Cogitive, the creators of Cooperative Content Acceleration™ technology announced today the launch of their VelociNET load-balancing, content acceleration, caching, and optimization service.

VelociNET is built on Cogitive's patent-pending Cooperative Content AccelerationTM (CCA) technology and makes it possible for web-servers to increase their perceived performance by dynamically distributing and optimizing content across a global network of cooperating servers. CCA is completely transparent to web-site authors and does not require any site changes.

VelociNET is targeted towards small- and medium-sized web-hosting companies that want the scalability and performance of load-balancing and acceleration solutions without the hardware and administration expenses that come with them. VelociNET does not require the purchase or installation of any hardware or complex software and can be configured and running on a web-server in as little as five minutes.

VelociNET requires the download and install of a small Apache module on the web-server. Once the module has been installed and configured, a hosting service provider can sign up for VelociNET online at Cogitive’s web-site ( VelociNET is available under a number of different pricing plans depending on the amount of traffic the hosting service provider wants to off-load to the VelociNET distribution centers. Monthly rates start as low as $14.95.

VelociNET allows hosting companies to offload servers and bandwidth requirements during peak demand periods to a network of servers maintained by Cogitive at various data-centers. Cogitive’s servers run Cogitive’s highly optimized web-server, Viper, that no only delivers content faster than most commercial and open-source web-servers but also optimizes content for even faster delivery. Additionally, by having multiple servers deliver content to a client simultaneously, VelociNET accelerated sites load faster under load than under no-load without VelociNET.

Since VelociNET pricing includes all bandwidth and data-center charges, the bandwidth savings alone can pay for the service for most users.

About Cogitive, Inc.
Cogitive, Inc. was founded in January 2002 and specializes in software and services that maximize the efficiency of communication networks. Cogitive is based in Irvine, California and can be reached on the web at