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    Question I wonder..

    Do you think it would be wise for me to produce a "$0 Reseller Plan" in which the person can have a free hosting account, but the content must be that of a "Hosting Company" that sells.. well hosting? I would charge X amount per gig for their customer traffic.. and only offer the Reseller support.. hmm..

    Anyone got an ideas or criticism on the subject? Thanks.

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    So you're actually talking about free web hosting but just pay-per-gig ?
    Leon Mergen
    [email protected]

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    Well.. yeah, but only for other reseller hosting companies.. and maybe they would have to have a pre-igsisting customer base or somert? I dont know.. I just think that offering a person free hosting but only if they wish to sign people up for hosting under their name is;

    A) A good way to make a little extra cash
    B) Give an eas way into the hosting industry with no way of loosing.. because really.. who can fail when it is costing them nothing?

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    You would probably get every kid that wants to be a web host sign up, you would double or triple your support tickets and make less money. Plus you would unleash on the world even more kids offering 100 gig packages for $3.99 a year. You would also open your server up to abuse from people that had no investment or reason not to.

    I dunno seems there are two kinds of resellers out there today, ones that want the lowest price, get board or find out it is real work to run a web hosting business so they close up leaving customers in lurch. then there are real resellers trying to build a business, serious about web hsoting and offer a added value of personal service to their clients. In my opinion you would attract the first batch.

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    I can see the appeal for people wanting a reseller plan to pay for what they actually use but I would not like to actually offer that type of deal. It would generate more admin time in billing your resellers and if you charge a set fee per reseller plan you know how much revenue each server is going to generate, with pay as use it will fluctuate.

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    I cannot agree more with what Monte says

    Indeed, I think you would only get abused...
    Leon Mergen
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    Yeah.. true.. but I was thinking.. maybe they can pay/give a fee of X amount and get it refunded to them at the end of their hosting time.. and if something should happen that would compromise the entigrity of the server, we keep the money. You see.. a 10 year old probably wouldnt have the money to cough up for a refundable security fee.. but then again - I dont want hundreds of little 10 year old's asking for my support - to support the hundreds of clients on "unlimited" plans.. they would be awefull.. maybe I could make a "$0 Reseller Plan" to "approved" clients only.. like to pass a strict test.. I dunno..

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    Maybe you should get to know your possible clients more...

    Or maybe you should just provide the account AS-IS, and that they will have to provide their own support, or you just charge $50 / hour for tech help or sth.
    Leon Mergen
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    Yeah - I dont mind talking to a 10 year old if he is paying me $50 / hour

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    But then again, that's a good way to get a bad reputation again...

    I mean, if you won't help them, because they don't want to pay, chances are they will spam up all forums available about your "bad service" because they got angry...
    Leon Mergen
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    Its true - I think it is a bad business model. You will not get serious customers and you will increase the amount of support and time wasted getting rid of IRC bots and the like.

    It is better to follow a formular that people are used to but dont fall into the trap of being too cheap or offerring countless gigs for next to nothing.

    Less is more IMO

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    Ok, thanks a lot. You guys have outlined a few key issues here which I think are all valid. I dont think I will go ahead with this deal - and if I do, it would be under the counter for friends or trusted people only

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    I think that is very important.

    I recall a VPS offer in the offers section of someone who just took like 2 weeks to know someone before he actually agreed with the contract.

    The VPS'es were really cheap, and managed - yet, he didn't let everyone signup. If he tought they would abuse his server, the website would be bad, etc etc, he just didn't accept it.

    I think the best way to build a really good company is to know all your customers personally, what kind of websites they have, and how they "are" ...

    But that is almost impossible
    Leon Mergen
    [email protected]

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    lol.. true - But I have automated signups.. gettin to know them in the few seconds time in which they signup is a little hard

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