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    Thanks for this it is really informative.

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    great tutorial, thanks

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    Hi, look very interesting tutorial, but, isn't needed a sincronyze step after dns point to new hosting? for example en case of a commerce site with database.

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    Thanks for the useful info.
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    What is the difference between webhosting and filesharin?

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    Thanks Mate

    Thanks Mate

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    Excellent nice tips every one easily understood.
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    This is a very helpful guide. But, still it is better if you attach here a video doing that process. Some people are choosing the video tutorial most.

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    Indeed a great tutorial. Haven't had a hard time following the instructions. I have a question though, what FTP software would you guys recommend? I tried using both FileZilla & SmartFTP.

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    Just about all hosts I talk to say they can do this for you at no costs, has anyone had any problems with this with their new hosts? I have a oscommerce site with phpbb, and of course mysql.
    Sorry, but I only understand a few points of this guide:

    3. Itís also helpful to have a script that tells you the server environments installed on your new host server for quick references.

    6. If you run scripts:
    - Get a copy of the original installation guide and the script. Sometimes after moving the scripts just do not work right so you might need to install the script from scratch.
    - Get a list of all the server paths such as Perl, Sendmail and home directory on your new server.
    - If your script needs special server modules or programs ensure they are installed and where. Even though these might be covered before you ordered the account with the host but sometimes your host has removed it or havenít installed it yet.

    I dont have much knowledge of scripting, only that my local Filemaker DB connects thru ODBC to my website MYSQL to retrieve customers/orders/payments, thru a live connection.

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    Great! Thanks for this useful information.

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    Excellent Guide .. Thanks bro

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    veryyy thanks men.. :x

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    The OP was asking a question, he wasn't giving any help for others.

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    How long can a migration take? What is the quickest you know?

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