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Thread: Scary!

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    Just got an order for hosting

    The name on the account sounded Jewish...
    the email address: [email protected]

    His autoresponder for the automatic message the order form sent him replied back with the text
    "[email protected]"

    One order I do not want to setup...
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    You have every right to refuse that order, you know.

    [EDIT] Sounds fraudulant anyway, if the name is Jewish. So I wouldn't think twice about ignoring that one. {/EDIT]

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    I also advise you a keep a closer eye on your servers for the next few days - hate is rampant these days.

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    I had one lat night that was along the same lines.

    The order was from India and they used the email address of [email protected]'. I always lookup the email adress and check the domain name to see what's there. was a place holder page for the domain which is usually a good indication that the order was submitted with a stolen card, but what got me was the administrative contact email address for '', its listed as: [email protected].

    For all interested here is the order and their IP address:
    (the domain they sgned up with wasn't even registered, another sign of CC fraud)

    address1: jl banteng no 98

    billing_address: jl banteng no 98

    billing_email: [email protected]

    billing_name: asep d

    city: bandung

    country: INDIA


    first_name: asep

    last_name: deden

    state: west java

    username: bl0bi

    HTTP_USER_AGENT: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)

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    Bandung is in Indonesia.... West Java... They do it on purpose to hide their original location....

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    null route this scum bag

    htaccess his dumb a**

    serve who you want

    its probably fraud from paris anyway

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    Bandung, West Java is most definitely in Indonesia. Nice place - although it was 10 years ago that I visited. The bus ride there from Jakarta was pretty scary. I took the train back

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    I got a fraudulent order from that same person. Basically, if you see the word "skinhead" in any of his contact info, it's fraudulent.

    I wish someone could simply catch all these people who submit fraud orders and put them in jail. Grrr...
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    Yes Bandung is in Indonesia... 1 hour from Jakarta (Capital).

    "jl banteng no 98" - looks more like Indonesian address. Jl stands “jalan” which means “street”. Then the domain name - sibuk is an Indonesian word means "busy" I am sorry but don't know the meaning of merkosa.

    I guess the same guy with "skinhead" signed with us too and not to mention it was a fake account and we cancelled it after some time.

    I will also suggest everyone to be careful with guy/s using [email protected] and [email protected]

    We received an email wanring from [email protected] by someone (probably another host) who hacked these 2 email addresses and informed us that both the emails belong to same guy and he is fu*king with many hosts.

    Last week the owner of [email protected] ordered a dedicated server from us and we had no response for the email and form we sent him to sign it and fax it to us.

    After getting wanring email (sent by the one who hacked above emails) we checked our database and found that we already have an active account (M6-9 -$99 per month) with email address [email protected]. We immediately sent an email to explain the whole situation and had no response so far. The worse thing is that he is using sub domain (***** as his domain name and we cannot make any whois.
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    I really wish the credit card companies would get their act together and give us more security and LESS fraud!

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    Originally posted by DotComster
    I really wish the credit card companies would get their act together and give us more security and LESS fraud!
    Funny... they're probably saying the same thing about off of us Internet merchants.
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    Actually this thread might be a pretty good idea -- a central repository listing fakes and frauds, spammers and scammers, beastie boys and things that go bump in the night. Would it be worth a forum?

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