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    Question Checking out two Web Hosting candidates

    A newcomer here who needs some help. I am, finally, getting a commercial site up and running-at least when I find a good host who can also offer some design help (the basic look is done-now I need to get the content into it (a technical, subscription newsletter, mostly words with some graphics, no Flash now but eventually some audio streaming).

    I much prefer to use someone local, the glories of working at a distance nothwithstanding! I want to be able to drive to them from our office in West Palm Beach, Florida when it is useful to sit down face to face.

    So. all that said, I am looking at two companies down here: Univox Internet and Active Internet. They have both been around for awhile. Have any of you had any experience with either? Or have any other suggestions??


    Francis Daniel

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    I don't think it looks like Univox has enough bandwidth for any good web project. I mean, if you need someone close by I guess they wouldn't be bad at first, but you can get 30gb of bandwidth for cheaper than the plans at Univox that give 5gigs.

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